An ideal workout plan for boys and girls from 12 to 18 years old.

Dates :

  • 1st period: 23/6/2019 – 29/6/2019
  • 2nd period: 30/6/2019 – 6/7/2019

Specialized training plan technical implementation, on the two top basketball skills. Designed for athletes who are interested to develop or improve their skills on the ball handling and shooting in each form. This is a training plan with quality-intensive applications, which gives guidance and excellent ball handling exercises , executing the shot in each form and variation and progressing in practice a combination of these two skills. Basic coaching objects of this pilot program are:

  • Improvement of ball handling , efficient development coaching skill of dribbling in all its forms.
  • Develop confidence in dribbling skills and reduce of error during execution.
  • Dribble Variations and combinations with effective implementation in the game.
  • Which is the technique to attack the defender by the dribble , and how you ll create the space.
  • Create shooting situations / pull up shot.
  • Technical instruction about shot execution adapted to the individual requirements of each athlete.
  • Shot of the dribble.
  • Shot of the pass.
  • Avoid the defender away from the ball.
  • Shooter ‘s mentality.
  • Which is the way to develop a good shooting skill.
  • Different finishing skills a player must has in his arsenal.
Limited positions of participation.