An Ideal workout plan for athletes 12 years or older

Limited participation (20 athletes)


Juny 30th – July 6th, 

July 7th – July 13th.

Specialized in position workout plan , for athletes who are playing as point guards , or intend to be a point guard. A.P.C. is a high standards workout plan , with high training intensity in technical and mentality skills. The Advanced Playmaker Camp is designed for athletes who aim to discover :

  • Systematic high level training.
  • Dribbling Handling and Passing Skills in high intensity.
  • Recognize the defensive tactic.
  • Mental toughness of a skilled point guard.
  • Technical skills and habbits of a good point guard.
  • How to workout hard and smart to get results in your game performance.
  • How to increase the speed , strength and your confidence in ball handling.
  • How to be an effective play maker.
  • Develop vision on the court.
  • When and how you will make the right pass to your teammates.
  • How to reduce your mistakes.
  • How to score against any defense.