An ideal workout plan for boys and girls from 14 years old.

Dates :

July 7th – July 13th 2019

Highly qualified training plan at individual level on the offensive skills of a modern basketball player. Groups of 6 people with common quality characteristics and ages 14 and older. The main objective of the plan is to improve individual skills and detailed technical assistance to be received by each athlete in the effort to create and develop individual strengths on the court.

  • Individual offensive moves face to the basket.
  • Individual offensive moves on the back.
  • Create space from defender.
  • Drive and finishing skills.
  • Pull up shooting skills.
  • Shooting of the pass.
  • First step motor skills / the keystone to 1on1 offensive moves.
  • Catch and footwork skills.
  • Using the screens to avoid my opponent.
  • Fast Brake individual skills and footwork.
  • Technical and mentally preparation to win my defender.