An ideal workout plan for boys and girls from 8 to 13 years old.


June 23th – Juny 29st, 2019.

Developmental workout plan adapted to learning process of young athletes. The Advanced Youth Development Skills, has as its main axis the principles of the Drillz & Skillz b.t. system which is considered one of the leading US developmental programs. Skills training for early and youth ages is evolving worldwide , and impose new ways of training and coaching plans to help children develop systemic skills that will form the basic platform for their subsequent development. The initiator of Drillz and Skillz, coach Don Kelbick, is considered one of the leading NBA Development Coaches in USA. Basic coaching objects of this pilot program are:

  • Fundamentals in dribbling , technical familiarization , skills learning and enhancement.
  • Footwork and pivoting.
  • Passing and catching fundamentals and skills.
  • Fundamentals in shot and finishing.
  • Coordination motor skills.
  • Offensive moves