An Ideal workout plan for athletes 12 years or older.

Limited participation (20 athletes)


June 30th – July 6th, 2019

Pattern specialized workout plan , that implements the ‘Attack and Counter ‘ development system. Highly technical training which includes 1on1 offensive skills with or without the ball , analyzing the situations in every conditions. The Attack and Counter system will help each athlete to develop the keystone skills that will help him to boost his abilities as a player. The basic coaching objects of this workout plan :

  • Footwork motor skills.
  • First step technic and the importance on 1on1 situations.
  • How a player will develop offensive mentality and confidence to his skills reducing the fear of failure.
  • Improve 1on1 moves , from the wing or from the post , using the attack and counter , a multiple options and reactions system.
  • How an offensive player will face the help side of the defense.
  • How a player will use the dribbling skills in attacking the 1on1 situation.
  • Fast Brake skills , develop the scoring skill on fast brake.
  • Avoid the defender using the screens.

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