An ideal workout plan for athletes from 15 years old


July 7th – July 13th 2019

Pattern training plan , which is introduced for fist time in Greece by Olympia Basketball Camp. A plan about the position and the mentality of decision making skill in basketball. Positioning by the athlete on the court , and game analysis both the opponents and teammates are perhaps the most important skills you must have as a complete basketball player. Through the structure of training, the children will learn how to read the game and the situations experienced in racing conditions, to prepare their body but above all their minds for the administration of any conditions. The daily training of athletes will include technical and tactical analysis and application of each situation, individually and in cooperation. In the afternoon the athletes will play two whole games in which the situations will be the same that athletes are prepared in the morning practice. In this workout plan will participate 24 athletes , 15 years old or older , who have sufficient experience in basketball games and good technical skills. Basic coaching objects of this pilot program are:

  • Pick and roll situations /offense and defense
  • Hand off situations
  • Isolation , 1on1 read the defence
  • Post play and read the game
  • Read the screen defense (of the ball)
  • Trap situations
  • Miss match situations
  • Fast brake situations
  • Read the defensive tactics
  • Zone defense / zone press defense