Advanced Basketball Development

Advanced Basketball Development, is a training program designed for learning and improving skills in basketball, starting with the fully personalized approach for each athlete, in the entire range of his/hers athletic development.

Our exclusive partnership in Greece with one of the top learning skills systems in the U.S., Drillz and Skillz basketball training of coach Don Kelbick, who directs individual professional athletes of the NBA, as RAJA BELL, RASUAL BUTLER, JOE JOHNSON, CARLOS ARROYO, BRUCE BOWEN, combined with 10 years of experience of our technical staff in training on individual technical development ages, provide us the scientific knowledge and expertise to guide and showcase every aspect of the unique talent that every child has in Basketball.




The fundamental principle of Advanced Basketball Development, is the individual approach of each athlete in order to guide them in a smooth, targeted and productive sports development in basketball at 4 levels:


I. Learning and developing personal technique and skills.


II. Sports development - developing specialized skills - strength training - fitness.


III. Athlete's psychology.


IV. Athlete's nutrition.




The standard organizational plan of Advanced Basketball Development, includes the following amenities for each athlete:

  • Individual training on technical skills with specific applications according to the requirements or needs of any athlete.
  • Individual ergometric evaluation.
  • Individual sports development plan [muscle strengthening, physical fitness].
  • Plan of personal development and evaluation.
  • Nutritional plan.
  • Monitoring each athlete's performance.
  • Videography trainings for technical analysis application.
  • Monitoring by sports psychologist.
  • Scientific support by sports medicine.
  • Training in indoor courts.

The training is designed after evaluating every athlete and developed by Advanced Basketball Development coaches.




The training plan is on the axis of the philosophy of the learning system and improvement of individual skills of Drillz & Skillz basketball training.

The individual training, during the winter season, must complement the program of the weekly commitments every athlete has with his/her team and to reinforce his/her individual play and competitive level.

Advanced Basketball Development, is addressed to athletes of any age with differentiated objectives for their training sessions, depending on the age level and purpose of personal training.

  • Basic level: athletes from 12 to 14 years old
  • Processing level: athletes from 14 to 18 years old
  • Integration level: athletes from 18 years of age and older

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