Youth Skills and Drills Camp

26 – July 2

Ideal training plan for athletes from 8 to 10 years old

 Skills development training plan tailored to the needs of young athletes.

Skills training at a young age is changing worldwide, learning evolves. New training methods are being imposed, that will help children to develop skills which will be their basic platform for their progress.

This plan is a combination of motor and technical application, which will give children the opportunity to highlight basic technical skills but also to enrich them with variations or details.

The basic training items of Youth Skills & Drills Camp: 

  1. Basic principles of dribbling, familiarization, learning and skills development
  2. Footwork & Pivoting
  3. Pass, transfer and reception skills
  4. Unmarking – a way to avoid opponents
  5. Coordination of motor skills
  6. Basic finishing technique and shoot
  7. Aggressive moves
  8. Rebounding

Prior to the final registration, each athlete has an evaluation process to determine if he / she can meet the requirements of the training process.

Youth Skills and Drills Camp