Hybrid plans
A hybrid plan that includes high-intesity skills
Dates 2021
Olympia Basketball Camp 2021
New training plans
Essential Youth Skills, Youth Scoring Skills, Advanced Scoring & shooting camp
3 NEW Training Plans for EOBC 2021
Hybrid plans
Hybrid plans
Dates 2021
Dates 2021
New training plans
New training plans
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Eurohoops – Olympia Basketball Camp 2021


The Eurohoops Olympia Basketball Camp is already in preparation for the summer of 2021. 16 whole years faithful to the summer appointment with his athletes from all over Greece and the world will open his gates for the summer of 2021 on June 27.

Greece’s top basketball training camp will once again be the ultimate summer destination for every child looking for improvement and development through the scientifically structured and specialized training sessions uniquely designed by the Olympia Basketball Camp. The dates of the programs have already been announced and many athletes from Europe, Cyprus and Asia, are already closing their first places of participation. Technical Skills Evaluation. All athletes are evaluated before their enrollment , in order to be placed in the training program that will provide the best coaching intervention.

Targeted training, the knowledge of the technical features available to athletes and small groups training, are the essential conditions imposed and maintained by the Olympia Basketball Camp, under a quality training process.

Genuine Eurohoops Olympia Basketball Camp, systematically and effectively, for 17 years, investing in the promotion of talent that every child has unique.

EUROHOOPS - OBC ...more than 16 years...
[tx_spacer size=”12″][tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”The principles of training progressions in EOBC” tag=”h2″ size=”24″ margin=”24″ align=”right”] [tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”square” title=”TECHNICAL SKILLS” icon=”fa-arrow-circle-down”] Ball handling and dribbling. Shooting Skills and shooting in game like situations. Foot work. Rebounding. Finishing skills.[/tx_services][/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”square” title=”GAME SITUATIONS SKILLS” icon=”fa-adjust”] Floor spacing. Movement off of a screen. 1-on-1 attacking and defense. Ball penetration. [/tx_services][/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”curved” title=”PHYSICAL SKILLS” icon=”fa-random”] Increase speed/agility. Build explosive power. Increase endurance and aerobic capacity. Reduce chance of injury. [/tx_services][/tx_column] [/tx_row] [tx_divider size=”24″] [tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/2″][tx_services style=”curved” title=”ADVANCED TECHNIQUES” icon=”fa-space-shuttle”] Reading a defense. Managing fast break situations. Post moves (high and low post). Running a team as a point guard. Creating your shot and help defense. [/tx_services][/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/2″][tx_services style=”curved” title=”MENTAL SKILLS” icon=”fa-graduation-cap”] Learn mental toughness and discipline. Build player confidence. Superior focus. Game preparation. Improved attitude. [/tx_services][/tx_column] [/tx_row] [tx_divider size=”24″]
[tx_spacer size=”12″][tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”Training programs 2021” tag=”h3″ size=”24″ margin=”24″ align=”left”][tx_spacer size=”16″]
[tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/3″] NEW – Essential Υouth Skills Camp [/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″] NEW – Youth Scoring Skills Camp [/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″] NEW – Advanced Scoring & Shooting Camp [/tx_column] [/tx_row][tx_divider size=”24″] [tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/3″] Advanced Ball Handling & Shooting Skills [/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″] Advanced Playmaker Camp [/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″] Attack and Counter Camp [/tx_column] [/tx_row] [tx_divider size=”24″] [tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/3″]  [/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/3″] Elite athletes skills improvement hybrid [/tx_column] [/tx_row] [tx_divider size=”24″]
[tx_row][tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=” Camp Periods 2021″ icon=”fa-calendar”]Check the camp periods [/tx_services][tx_button style=”default” text=”Read more…” url=”http://obc.gr/en_GB/camp-periods-2021/” color=”#dc5432″ textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”blank”][/tx_column][tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Coaches – Associates” icon=”fa-group”]EUROHOOPS Olympia Basketball Camp , team [/tx_services][tx_button style=”default” text=”Read more…” url=”http://obc.gr/en_GB/%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%80%CE%BF%CE%BD%CE%B7%CF%84%CE%AD%CF%82-%CF%83%CF%85%CE%BD%CE%B5%CF%81%CE%B3%CE%AC%CF%84%CE%B5%CF%82/” color=”#dc5432″ textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”blank”][/tx_column][tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Games and contests” icon=”fa-trophy”]Competitions and tournaments.[/tx_services][tx_button style=”default” text=”Read more…” url=”http://obc.gr/en_GB/games-and-contests/” color=”#dc5432″ textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”blank”][/tx_column][/tx_row] [tx_spacer size=”16″][tx_spacer size=”16″][tx_divider size=”24″]

[tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”Accommodation Ancient Olympia – Hotel Olympic Village” tag=”h2″ size=”24″ margin=”24″ align=”left”] [tx_row] [tx_column size=”1/2″] Olympia Basketball Camp, always having as priority the best and ideal conditions for accommodation and nutrition for the athletes, and wanting to offer a new experience in the hospitality part, has chosen a Superior Hotel in Olympia, just 100 meters from the indoor court, the hotel Olympic Village Resort & Spa. Olympic Village Resort & Spa is built in the valley of Olympia, next to the archaeological site and the river Kladeos is an ideal venue hosting sporting activities. Highly built, in over 10 acres of beautiful gardens with centuries-old palm trees, olive and citrus trees, in combination with its beautiful pool is an impressive hotel complex in which our athletes will spend unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation. [tx_spacer size=”24″] [tx_button style=”default” text=”Read more…” url=”http://obc.gr/en_GB/hotel-olympic-village/” color=”#dc5432″ textcolor=”#FFFFFF”][/tx_column] [tx_column size=”1/2″] [/tx_column] [/tx_row][tx_spacer size=”12″][tx_divider size=”24″] [tx_services style=”square” title=”Medical care” icon=”fa-stethoscope”]We provide 24 hour medical coverage to our athletes. Our experienced medical team takes care of every health incident..[/tx_services] [tx_heading style=”default” heading_text=”Coaches – Associates” tag=”h3″ size=”24″ margin=”24″ align=”left”][tx_spacer size=”12″] [tx_team columns=”4″ items=”4″][tx_spacer size=”12″]

Γνωρίστε το Eurohoops Olympia Basketball Camp

Από το 2004 το Olympia Basketball camp παρέχει υψηλής ποιότητας προπονητικά προγράμματα.

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