Advanced Playmaker Camp
 ideal training plan for boys and girls from 11 to 19 years old.


  • 3/7/2022  – 9/7/2022

  • 10/7/2022 – 16/7/2022

A specialized position and technique training program for athletes who are competing or aiming for the point guard position. A.P.C is a training plan of a high standard, technical and mentally quality but also a high intensity sessions camp. Advanced Playmaker Camp is designed for athletes and athletes seeking to discover: high quality ball handling skills in game like intensity how they will control the pace of the team how to read the defense how to develop their visual field as they handle the ball how to finish or manage in fast brake situations creating for your teammates creating your opportunities to shot or finish in the paint .   Prior to final registration, there is an evaluation procedure related to the technical level of the athletes to determine if they can handle the requirements and specifications of the training plan.

Advanced Playmaker Camp
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