Olympia Basketball camp

17 – July 23

Think – Train – Dominate

Ideal training plan for young athletes from 12 to 18 years old.

Standard specialized training plan through which athletes will understand and develop the skills that every athlete must have in order to be able to quickly and consistently make the right decision in the game.

Basketball is a game that requires high technical training but always in combination with a decision process of the moment, deciding in tenths of a second is another high skill that a good basketball player must have!

In a game-based, coaching process the athlete will learn the way he reads the defense, the ways in which he will develop his IQ basketball that will make him a better attacking player in any competitive situation, in conditions of high pressure that will help him raise his level.

In Decision Making & positioning skills, we will analyze step by step how we read the defense, what the attacker is looking for and what is the process for a player to acquire this high skill.

The training through a continuous interaction will have a high intensity that will help the athlete to understand but also to be trained in situation basketball which is essentially the individual development of his technical skills.

The training subjects will be:

  1. Improving the ability to think and act in decisive ways
  2. how to develop an aggressive mindset with confidence
  3. identifying causes and correcting the most common mistakes
  4. how i read defense
  5. application of technical skills in the real game
  6. Highlighting finishing skills
  7. Attack and counter skills

Shoot, dribble or pass, every physical skill,  needs the maximum and fastest use of thought, that will give you the result which will lead you to success!

Before the final registration each athlete has an evaluation process to determine if he can meet the requirements of the training process

Decision Making and Positioning Skills