Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp

17 – 23

Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp, is for young athletes who want to prepare for their next step and have games experience.

Age groups from 14 to 19 years old.

 The development in basketball presupposes the development of high skills in both offensive and defensive form.

The athlete who knows and can apply these skills in the competitive process is a valuable athlete with a high perspective.

EOBC for the first time in Greece integrates within a camp the defensive skills  that the modern young basketball player must have.

The Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp is a standard training plan that incorporates both defensive and offensive skills through an interactive training process that will help athletes improve their individual technique on both sides of the court.

  1. Basic defense technique & footwork
  2. Defensive placement on the ball
  3. Defensive assistance placement
  4. Defensive perception of rotation in defense
  5. High pressure handling capabilities
  6. Scoring under pressure
  7. Finishing and variations after penetration in the paint (finishing in the paint)
  8. Avoid an opponent with or without the ball / create a shooting distance
  9. Development of technical and visual field coordination
  10. The first step and the advantage it offers to offensive / defensive attitude and action.
  11. How will I deal with a taller defender or a taller attacker?
  12. Advanced finishing moves and correct body positioning to exclude defensive help(advanced finishing moves)
  13. The mental preparation of an athlete who wants to be a threat for the opponent’s defense.
  14. How top athletes create an advantage over their opponents.


Prior to the final registration, each athlete has an evaluation process to determine if he / she can meet the requirements of the training process.

Elite Offensive & Defensive Skills Camp