Diet program

The daily diet plan is prepared by qualified nutritionist, and is based solely on pure traditional local products mainly organic.mesogeiakh pyramida diatrofi. Athletes’ meals are prepared daily. OBC, as authentic sports camp, is trying to instill in children the value of healthy eating habits, believing that a healthy diet model can provide children normal development, disease prevention and can also enhance their athletic performance. Some of the children meals, which alternate based on their daily sports program, are mentioned below.

Breakfast Milk white or chocolate Fruit juice or fruit Cereals Cookies Bread Honey – Jam Butter Merenda

Lunch Braised beef – Beef with lemon – Giouvetsi, Spaghetti Pork in the oven, Rice Pork roast [steak or kebab], Vegetables Fish – oven, Potatoes Chicken oregano – braised – oven Barley Cannelloni, Noodles Moussaka, Green beans Pasticcio, Beans Every day we have rich salads, with tomato, cabbage, lettuce and special options like potato salad, chef’s salad , etc.

Dinner Pizza with fresh dough and fresh ingredients Spinach pies – pumpkin pies Omelette Potatoes gratin Pasta carbonara …Maybe souvlaki… if our technical director allow us!!

Brunch & Afternoon Every day the children will try special flavors which are prepared with joy and love: Creams, Homemade ice creams, Toast with ham and cheese, Biscuits, Orange-pie Profiteroles, Sweets, Chocolate cake, Seasonal fruits like watermelon, cherries, figs from our fig trees etc.