Shot Mechanics & Scoring Camp 

July 3 – July 9

Young Athletes from 11 to 18 years old

Specialized training technical plan, on the skills of how to reach the basket.

By giving priority to the technique of shooting, the athletes will be taught the basic axes of the mechanisms of shooting.

| Stance and Balance | shot pocket | Grip ball | balance hand | up force and landing |

| release | follow through |

Designed for athletes who want to perfect or develop technical skills of shooting but also to enrich the way they can score in a match.

Our athletes will be taught the following training items:

  • Shooting technique
  • Pass shot / dribble shot
  • Pull up shot
  • Finishing and variations after penetration in the racket (finishing in the paint)

Avoiding an opponent with or without the ball / creating a shooting distance

  • Development of technical and visual field coordination
  • Advanced finishing moves and correct body positioning to exclude defensive or defensive assistance (advanced finishing moves)
  • How top athletes create an advantage over their opponents.

Before the final registration of each athlete there is an evaluation process to determine if he can meet the requirements of the training process.

Shot Mechanics & Scoring Camp